Friday, September 10, 2010

Let the countdown begin....

I say let the countdown begin but in all actuality I have been counting down for the last month now. As of today I have about 10 pounds of baby inside of me! What?!? The biggest any of the other boys have been is a whopping 6lbs 10oz and boy, can I feel the difference. Not to complain TOO much, but my lower back is constantly killing me, it takes me forever to get up from the couch/into or out of the car, and I now have a step stool by the side of my bed to help me get in and out. By the end of the day my feet have doubled in size and now just feel like they are bruised all over from the stretching. It's a good thing it's still sort of flip flop season because that has been my shoe of choice for the last few months. AND to top it off these little stinkers are both breech so I most likely will get to have my first C-section! Not excited about that.

On the flip side I can say that I am happy that I am still walking/waddling around and not on bed rest, the babies appear to be healthy and growing as they should, their room is pretty much ready to go and our basement is finished thanks to my hard working husband. The only question is are we ready for them??? I really don't know how else to prepare for TWO babies, we'll just have to wait and see. We all are getting excited to meet them though, how alike or different will they be and will one finally look like Jed? It's still crazy to me that I am having twins! Aahhh!

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick post on the rest of us...Brek turned 9 a few weeks ago and has started the third grade with an awesome teacher that I know will be so good for him. Here is a picture of Brek's birthday cake that Jed made, it's a little hard to see but it is a putting green on a golf course. Jed wasn't very happy with the end result because according to him "he didn't have enough time." :) I think it looked great and Brek though it was way cool so that's all that mattered.

Kaden was 5 in May and has started kindergarten. He has seemed so much more grown up in the last few weeks, riding his bike to school and just talking about what happens there. He is such a happy little guy and doesn't let much get to him. Here he is with BrinLee on their first day of school, I didn't have anything to do with his outfit - he loves his Utah Jazz shirt.

Kyler can tell there is a change that is coming but I'm sure will have no idea what has hit his house once the babies are home. He is talking more and is being so loud at letting me know what it is he wants now. He loves loves his cars and will honestly carry them around the house with him ALL day long. Here is cute pic of him when we went to Lava Hot Springs last month, he can be so whiny at times but how can we not love him with a smile like this?

Jed's summer has been a rather busy one. He has worked so hard at finishing our basement not leaving much free time for him (or ME!). We did take some fun little trips this summer to Bear Lake, Park City, and Lava Hot Springs. Here he is with the boys just after tubing down the river at Lava.

When I look at pictures like this I just keep thinking to myself what is it going to look like in 3 or 4 more years with FIVE little boys in it? Yikes! We will soon find out...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kyler!

Kyler turned two last week and we had a birthday party for him with a cake that Jed decorated himself. I had wanted to have a friend make it for us but Jed didn't want to pay anyone to do it and said that he would take care of it. After taking half a day off of work and 3 hours later this is the finished product...

I think he did an amazing job! I wish I had his talent and patience to do something like this but I don't. I'm just happy that he actually doesn't mind doing it.

This is me and my cute Ky-ky. He is getting to be just a big little boy, running around with his brothers and wanting to do whatever they are doing. He did finally start walking around the 18 month mark. His expensive braces are gathering dust up on a shelf somewhere. I will say that Jed was right in that we should have not gotten them for him, but hey, how I was supposed to know?? He isn't much of a talker yet but he's getting there. My favorite thing he says right now - "geek, geek." He means cheek and for me to lean over to him so that he can give me a kiss.

He is unlike Brek and Kaden in that he gets into EVERYTHING. One of his favorite things to do is to stack whatever he can find. Here is one of his master pieces. He actually did this himself!

Cupboards, drawers, closets, nothing is safe with him. Just today he had an Old Spice deodorant popscicle. Disgusting, I know. He was being super quiet and when I found him he was LICKING the deodorant and his breath smelled just like Jed's armpits. I called poison control just to be safe. He was fine and actually got mad when I took it away from him. Just the thought of that makes me sick!

After all the birthday fun, we packed our bags and headed down to St. George with Jed's family for the Easter break. It could have been a little warmer for me but at least we got some sun and got to spend some time together to just play and relax. We need to do that more often. Here are the all cute boys on a hike near Tuachan.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh man...


Going to the doctor. Not a big deal, right?

Getting home and calling your husband to get off of the roof to look at picture that you got at the doctor's office. One that looks like this:

Yes, that would be two babies.

This is my reality.

Really?!?? I am going to have FIVE children. Five!

I have had quite the mixture of emotions these last few weeks. Initially fear was what hit me first. Then shock and disbelief (which lasted for a few more weeks). Then fear again - how are two babies going to grow inside of me, how are two babies going to fit in our house/car/way of life, how are two babies going to come out of me?!?

And then with Jed's help....huge amounts of gratitude. Wow.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog Slacker

I am a blog slacker. I seem to make time to read other blogs but don't take time to post anything on my own so here it goes....a quick wrap up of the last four months.

Brek turned 8 and was baptized by Jed. We were so greatful for the support of all of our family and friends who attended. It was such a special day.

Football! It was a great great learning experience for Brek and was so fun to watch their little team get excited for each other. They were the first South Weber team to go undefeated in the regular season. Woo hoo! parents were nice enough to ask us to join them on a trip to California, I don't think it was too much of a vacation for them but we sure had fun.

That is not poo all over Kyler's mouth, it is juice. For Jed's birthday he got (upon his request) a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. He juices all kinds of vegetables and fruits. The green color comes from the spinach he uses. Kyler loves it and gets so excited when the juicer comes out.

My birthday and of course, Christmas! Christmas is so fun and magical with three little boys in the house. This is one of the many presents they got. Yes, I had a teeter totter in my family room for about a week!

And one last picture just because I thought it was a cute one - Jed and Ky playing in the snow. Will it ever melt??? I want the sun!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

Our week

The first half of these pictures didn't exactly happen THIS week but once I started this post, they were cute enough for me to want to add them in. I'm trying to be a better picture taker - I know I should just say photographer but I wouldn't call myself a photographer. I am just a picture taker. I do the best I can with my Black Friday super find of a camera from Wal-mart - a Samsung BL103 10.3 megapixels (whatever that means). At least it's cute and red and fits in my purse.

The boys have been begging Jed to sleep on the tramp with them forever, he kept giving them excuses but then they found two cute little neighbor girls who were just as excited as they were.
Look at that organization! Boys asleep one way, the girls another - Brighton was in charge of that. They were all out about 20 minutes after the movie started. Brek brought Kaden in sometime during the night. He even tucked him in bed but went back out and lasted until the morning with BrinLee and Brighton.

Pickles! Yes, I have pickles, lots of them. If anyone needs a jar come to my house.

Football already?! Brek loved getting his uniform this week and wanted to show everyone but after about 45 minutes of wearing the helmet and pads he was sweating like no other. How is he going to last a whole game? Aw, but doesn't he look so cute and tough?

Happy Anniversary to me and Jed! 11 years, wow! It makes me feel old but happy. We are not that great at getting surprises for each other because #1 Jed just so happens to buy big ticket items just before holidays, birthdays, anniversarys so it usually lets me off the hook. And #2 if there is something that I would like I usually just tell him and that is what he gets. Jed does always get me flowers and a card though for both our anniversary and my birthday, which is very nice. I took this picture of the flowers this morning and was messing around with the hue and saturation. I thought it looked pretty cool at the time but now I'm not so sure. Oh well, practice makes perfect!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer fun

Jed had a week off of work last week so I wanted to make sure that we got out and actually did things. It's hard to believe that we packed in so much stuff in such a short time. We went to Lagoon, camped a night at Bear Lake, spent a few nights in Park City and had Fourth of July fun with family. Here are some pics of our adventures...

My mom stayed with Kyler when we went to Lagoon which was so great. We had such a fun time despite getting absolutely soaked - first from the ride, Cliffhanger (I got sprayed right in the eyeballs) and then from being stuck on the ride OdySea when a complete downpour started. I also got talked into going on the Sky Coaster with my good friend Michelle and her sister Jessica. I had done it before when I was in high school but it had been such a long time ago that I was still so nervous. Just being up there, waiting for the rip cord to be pulled was SO scary but it really was fun. Jed also went on it with Michelle's husband Kaylon and their son Isaac.

I love Bear Lake! I love just the idea of doing nothing but sitting in the sun, talking about nothing, watching the boys play in the sand and water and eating junk all day long. So fun! Gary, Helen and Karly camped with us and then Skip and Sarah came up and hung out with us the second day we were there.

As we were about to leave for Park City, I looked back and didn't want to forget all this cuteness.

In Park City we stayed at the Marriott Mountainside Resort. It was so nice and kid friendly, I loved it! We will definitely be going back there. We didn't take too many pictures there but the first one is of Brek and I doing the zip line at the Olympic Park. The second is one of the boys at the resort just before bed. I had to include it because Kyler has just discovered that he loves getting his picture taken - I have so many of him with that little nose scrunched up like that. The third one needs a little explaining but to make a long story short, Jed totally smashed Kaden's finger (accidently) when we were at the Olympic Park. Brek, Kyler and I left them while they were getting a band-aid for it and this is what we came back to. Apparently, Kaden's weak stomach doesn't like the sight of blood and he thought he was going to throw up. Thankfully, he did not but the EMT thought that a little oxygen might help him. After a little neosporin, a bandaid, a gold medal and a free ice cream, Kaden was A-okay.

Yea for summer and the fourth of July!